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Send individual or group SMS. Send up to 10000 messages per second using our robust bulk SMS messaging API with full delivery receipts.

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Get a detailed list of all the messages you have scheduled to be sent out. Cancel any unwanted messages directly from within your own website or app

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SMS Ki Duniya help any problem for campaigns finally found a host that truly understood the unique secure lona need to know basis found a host that truly know

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Make the most of your bulk SMS marketing, customer engagement & retention campaigns with our award-winning features. Trusted by 126,000+ small and medium businesses, global enterprises, startups, educational institutes & NGOs.

  • Easily personalize your bulk SMS
  • Attach files to your SMS
  • Real-time delivery and click reports
  • Custom Sender IDs

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Send SMS Messages Online

Whether you are a garage sending 20 personalized car service reminders or a global brand scheduling 10,00,000 bulk SMS, Textlocal is perfect. Packed with cutting-edge tools & backed by fanatical support.


Receive SMS Online

Gather mobile opt-ins and information requests from your customers. Anyone can now reach you instantly by texting into your keyword & shared shortcode/longcode (e.g. SMS SHOWME to 56263xxx) or your dedicated shortcode/longcode (e.g. SMS anything to 99999xxxxx).


Send Files as SMS Attachments

For the first time ever, send attachments in your SMS campaigns! Get the benefits of email with the phenomenal open rates of promotional SMS. This includes PDFs, JPEGs, PPTs, Word docs and Excel files. Great for sending menus, brochures and flyers at absolutely no extra cost.


Email to SMS Gateway

Send SMS texts from any email gateway/application. Simply send an email to and it will be converted to an SMS and delivered in seconds.


Simple SMS API Code for Developers

5 lines of code to connect your software to every mobile phone on the planet. Works with every programming language (PHP, .NET, Java etc.). Simply fetch the mobile number(s) from your database or HTML form & build the SMS content (merging data as required).